Agriculture is one the most important sectors in The Gambian economy and one of the priority areas of development, particularly in the new global climate of price escalation of staple food items and oil.

The Gambia has 558,000 hectares of very good quality arable land, of which only 200,000 hectares are currently under rain fed agricultural production.

The Gambia has great potential for irrigated agriculture, with fresh water from the River Gambia, rain water if harvested, and fossil water that can be drilled. It also has a weather pattern that is suitable for almost all production.

The relevant technical departments, the technical expertise and trained personnel, are all readily available in the country: the agricultural sector has the highest number of graduates, degree and PHD holders in the country.

The sector also offers great potential for value adding processing and transformation of all agricultural products, for both the local and international markets.

All agricultural goods entering the national territory enter free of charge i.e. no custom duty is charged

The Gambia is at the implementation stage of the Vision 2020 blueprint, and wants to become an “export oriented agricultural nation”, and transform and process all such products, for the local and international market, through a reputable and high quality made in The Gambia brand.

Courtesy of The Gambia Investment and Export Promotion Agency

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