Annual Compliance


The Companies Act, 2013, contains provisions for the annual compliance of companies in The Gambia. We provide services such as assessment of a company’s compliance status, corporate compliance maintenance, and advice on how companies may avoid non compliance in areas relevant to their field. We require the following information in order to provide these services:


  1. Name of company;
  2. Address of company;
  3. Any form of register, record, index, minute book or book of account;

Scope of Service

  1. Assessment of Current Compliance Status
    • Statutory Health Check
    • Corporate Status Check
  2. Corporate Compliance Maintenance
    • Routine, Recurring Corporate Compliance Matters
    • Approval of annual accounts;
    • Appointment of auditors;
  3. Special Events
    • Changes in the board;
    • Simple share transfers;
    • Share issues and transfers;
    • Constitutional changes (change of company name, registered office etc)


If we are instructed in the provision of the annual compliance service to your company, then in addition to supplying us with the required items detailed above, please confirm to us the names and address of the Director(s) to whom we will send and receive a signature of the authorization forms/letters.

Please address any enquiries to